Our System Library


The funCOS strategy will bring together two principal fields of expertise: the surface science of oxide surfaces and the surface science of functional molecular films, both including theory and experiment. In order to assure that research will be focused on common systems we have defined a funCOS Oxide Toolbox and a funCOS Molecular Toolbox.

funCOS Oxide Toolbox

The idea of the funCOS Oxide Toolbox is to provide a common set of model surfaces for all groups. The toolbox defines the starting materials and the strategies for increasing complexity. For all materials, we will start with ordered surfaces and systematically proceed to more complex systems by studying defect structures, deposited nanoparticles, and nanostructured oxides.

funCOS Molecular Toolbox

The surfaces defined by the funCOS Oxide Toolbox are then combined with the funCOS Molecular Toolbox. The funCOS Molecular Toolbox specifies the molecules to be investigated and the strategy for their modification. The molecules chosen are highly relevant to applications and provide exceptional chemical flexibility. They are mostly easily accessible and can be synthesized by cooperating groups. Moreover, they provide sufficient stability for surface science experiments. As a second component, the funCOS Molecular Toolbox contains a series of linker molecules with characteristic functional units. After studying the specific interaction of linkers using small test molecules, substituted functional molecules with linkers will be attached to the model surfaces.

funCOS Showcase Systems

The idea of funCOS is to provide general concepts for growth, structure, and property control of organic films on oxides. However, success of the research strategy has to be illustrated using specific examples at each project phase. These examples are the funCOS Showcase Systems. Very importantly, these Showcase Systems will also serve as a common guiding principle for coordinated research, thus ensuring common focus of the individual projects.