2021-07-06 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Mirunalini Devarajulu: "Self-assembly of cyanoporphyrines on surfaces"

2021-05-18 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Lukas Fromm: "Phthalic Acid Adsorbtion on MgO(100)"
  • Lukas Fusek: "Phosphonic acid anchored porphyrins on atomically defined cobalt oxide surfaces: In-situ infrared spectroscopy at the electrified solid/liquid interface"

2021-02-04 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Prof. M. Alexander Schneider: "Adsorption of 2H-TCNPP on wurtzite CoO(111)"
  • Maximilian Muth (AK Lytken): "Layer stability of porphyrin molecules on TiO2(110)"

2020-10-20 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Michel Bockstedte: "Effect of molecular packing on electronic & optical properties"
  • Klaus Götz (AK Unruh): "Exchange of stabilizing molecules with Porphyrins on TiO2 Surfaces and Co3O4 Nanoparticles"

2020-06-30 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Tobias Wähler (AK Libuda): "Self-Metalation of Anchored Porphyrins on Atomically-Defined Cobalt Oxide Surfaces: In-Situ Studies by Surface Vibrational Spectroscopy"

2020-05-05 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Prof. Oliver Diwald: "Porphyrin Adsorption & Hydration on Powders and printed Films of TiO2 Anatase and Rutile Particles"
  • Nemanja Kocic (AK Maier) "On-surface synthesis of porphyrin-capped carbon nanocones"
  • Elmar Kataev (AK Lytken) "Probing the roughness of porphyrin thin films with X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy"

2020-01-21 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Swathi Naidu (AK Killian): "UV-stable superhydrophobic surfaces"
  • Klaus Götz (AK Unruh): "Simultaneous X-Ray and Neutron Small angle scattering analysis of Co-MCTPP on Metaloxide surfaces"
  • Christian Preischl (AK Marbach): "Gas-Assisted Electron Beam Lithography on Ultrathin Organic Membranes produced from Self Assembled Monolayers and Porphyrins"

2019-11-17~19 2ndfunCOS International Workshop

The 2ndfunCOS International Workshop was held in the Erlangen Castle from Nov 17 to Nov 19, 2019. Twelve invited guest speakers from eight countries gave talks about their latest results, along with presentations from the funCOS projects. Graduate students presented posters and had lively discussions. The workshop provided a great environment to discuss progress in the field of molecular films on oxides, strengthening the worldwide network of groups in this rapidly developing field of research. (More photos can be found here, photographer: Tobias Wähler)

2019-11-05 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Prof. Bernd Meyer: "Structural evolution of water on ZnO: from monomers to multilayers"
  • Manon Bertram: "Anchored Photoswitches on Atomically-Defined Oxide Surfaces: From Ultrahigh Vacuum into the Liquid Environment"
  • Daniel Wechsler: " Porphyrins at the Solid/Liquid Interface: The Next step"

2019-07-23 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Silviya Ninova (AK Bockstedte)
  • Lukas Fromm (AK Görling)
  • Maximilian Ammon (AK Schneider)
  • Corinna Stumm (AK Libuda)
  • Mirunalini Devarajulu (AK Maier)

2019-07-17~19 PhD workshop at Margetshöchheim (jointly with ICICP)

This year’s organization was carried out by Hannah Schlott, Christian Preischl and Klaus Götz. The workshop was held at Main Hotel Eckert in Margetshöchheim close to Würzburg and was scheduled for 17-19th of July. The 16 participants joint at the first day for the soft skill seminar about presentation methods and techniques. The evening was meant as an informal get-together. The next two days were filled with scientific talks given by the participants. Within the 15 min time frame scheduled for each talk current research and projects were displayed. The topics ranged from energy storage and electrochemistry, to IRAS and EBID/EBISA, from theory to catalysis. On Thursday, as a team building social activity, the participants were sent on a scavenger hunt through the city center of Würzburg to solve riddles and visit this beautiful and historic part of Franconia.

2019-05-07 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Prof. Oliver Diwald
  • Prof. Bernd Meyer
  • Prof. Federico J. Williams
  • Dr. Elmar Kataev

2019-01-08 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Michel Bockstedte: “Local Environment and abundance of Fe and Co in MgO: insight from theory”
  • Can Wang: “Photoemission from 2H-DPP and 2H-TPP on CoO(111)”
  • Christian Preischl: “Combining Gas-assisted Focused Electron Beam Lithography and Electron-Induced Cross-Linking on aromatic SAMs”
  • Klaus Götz: “Porphyrin Adsorption on Occupied TiO2 Surfaces”

2018-10-16 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Brian Hirt (Dr. Killian)
  • Christian Schuschke (Prof. Libuda)
  • Feifei Xiang (Prof. Schneider)

2018-09-26~28 PhD workshop at Pleinfeld (jointly with ICICP)

This year's summer PhD workshop took place in Pleinfeld, Germany near the "Großer Brombachsee". All PhD students, senior and new funCOS members gave presentations about their recent work with additional discussions. The nice location close to the "Brombachsee" invited the students to a trip on a roman galley. One of the PhD students set the pace with the help of an historical drum while the whole group was rowing on the lake in a very disciplined way! It was a very nice group-experience. The event was organised by PhD students Christian Schuschke, Corinna Stumm, Ralf Schuster and Tobias Wähler.

2018-07-10 funCOS funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Richard Demuth: “Mg Decoration of Oxide Nanotubes”
  • Manon Bertram: “Phenylphosphonic Acid on Atomically Defined Co3O4(111) in Electrochemical Environment”
  • Junfa Zhu: “Understanding the Mechanism of On-Surface Coupling Reactions”

2018-06-28 funCOS funCOS Minisymposium

  • Invited Speakers: Prof. Steven Tait (Indiana University Bloomington USA) and Prof. Nian Lin (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology China)
  • Prof. Steven Tait: “Controlling Chemical Selectivity by Redox-Active Ligands to Create Single-Site Complexes at Surfaces”
  • Prof. Nian Lin: “Create and Manipulate Quantum States on Surface Using Molecules”
  • Additional presentations by: Matthias Schwarz and Tibor Döpper

2018-05-15 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Daniel Wechsler : “Powder XPS: what molecules do we deposit?”
  • Michael Lepper : “Controlling the self-metallation rate of tetraphenylporphyrins on Cu(111)”
  • Bernd Meyer : “Porphyrin metallation in the liquid”
  • Matthias Niedermaier : “Transition metal ions in MgO nanocrystals”
  • Min-Ken Li : “Adsorption of porphyrins on bulk insulators: Lay it flat or stand in line”
  • Matthias Schwarz : “Phosphonic acid as anker group on cobalt oxide”

2018-01-16 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Daniel Wechsler : “Porphyrin Adsorption and Metalation at the Solid/Liquid Interface”
  • Katharina Gerling : “Carboxylic Acid Adsorption to MgO Surfaces”
  • Lukas Fromm : “Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations as a Method to Calculate Vibrational Spectra”
  • Manuela Killian : “Boosting Anatase Surface Reactivity Towards Carboxylic Acid Anchor Groups”
  • Feifei Xiang : “The Metalation of Porphyrin on Rocksalt Type CoO(111) Surface”

2017-11-07 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Christian Preischel : “New Routes for the Controlled Fabrication of Oxidic and Metallic Nanostructures on Organic Substrates”
  • Johannes Schneider : “2HTPP Adsorption on TiO2 Nanoparticles”
  • Fabian Kollhoff : “Adsorption and Metalation of Functionalized Porphyrins on Metal Oxide Nano-Particles”
  • Klaus Götz : “Porphyrins on TiO2 Surfaces in Solution”
  • Osman Baris Malcioglu : “Quasiparticle Band Structure of Crystalline Porphyin as Compared to the Gas Phase”

2017-07-12~14 PhD workshop at Ainring (jointly with ICICP)

This year's summer PhD workshop took place in Ainring, Austria near Salzburg. Senior PhDs as well as new funCOS members gave presentations about their recent work followed by questions and discussion. This year it was a pleasure to welcome Dr. Greta Heydenrych, who gave a very interesting seminar talk for all phD students to get some first-hand tips and background knowledge in scientific reading and writing. Moreover the high rope course at the "Waldbad Anif", where everyone could push themselves to their limits, was a challenging, but very nice experience. The event was organised by PhD students Johannes Schneider, Thomas Schwab and Fabian Kollhoff. (Photos)

2017-07-05 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Rebecca Pöschel (Prof. Fauster) : “UPS and 2PPE of TPP Molecules on MgO”
  • Quratulain Tariq (Dr. Lytken) : “Thermal Desorption Analysis of Porphyrins on MgO”
  • Martin Gurrath (Prof. Meyer) : “funCOS Related DFT Calculations”
  • Prof. Sabine Maier : “ncAFM of Molecular Structures on NiO(001) and MgO(001)”
  • Lukas Fromm (Prof. Görling) : “Density-Functional Investigations into Adsorption Processes on the Cobalt Oxide Surface”

2017-05-10 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Daniel Wechsler (Prof. Steinrück): “Effect of Covalent Anchoring on the Interfacial Reactions of Adsorbed Porphyrins”
  • FeiFei Xiang (Prof. Schneider): “Diphenyl-Porphyrins on Cu(111) and on Cobalt Oxide”
  • Evangelia Anastasiou (Prof. Schmuki): “Adsorption of Carboxylic Acids to Different Metal Oxides and Composites”
  • Dr. Johannes Will (Prof. Unruh): “Solid-Liquid-Interfaces Seen by Neutrons and X-rays”
  • Matthias Schwarz (Prof. Libuda): “Anchoring of a Carboxyl-Functionalized Norbornadiene Derivative to an Atomically-Defined Cobalt Oxide Surface “
  • Tao Xu (Prof. Libuda): “Chemical Anchoring of Functionalized Ionic Liquids onto Cobalt Oxide”
  • Dr. Ole Lytken: “XPS of a Sheep”

2016-07-20~22 PhD workshop at Hintersee (jointly with ICICP)

This year's summer PhD workshop took place in Hintersee, Austria. New funCOS members as well as senior PhDs gave presentation about their recent work followed by questions and discussion. Beside scientific parts, there were also expeditions in the beautiful nature surroundings. The event was organised by PhD student Johannes Schneider, Matthias Niedermaier and Maximilian Ammon. (Click here for more photos. Photos by: Fabian Kollhoff, Philipp Bachmann.)

2016-04-19 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Tim Sander (Prof. Maier)
  • Baris Malcioglu (Prof. Bockstedte)
  • Gianluca Di Filippo (Prof. Fauster)
  • Sabrina Pechmann (Prof. Fink)
  • Tobias Schmitt (Porf. Schneider)

2016-03-16~18 FAU Physics Academy: Oxides and their surfaces

Oxides and their surfaces are the basis for future technologies such as molecular electronics, solar energy conversion, catalysis, sensors and biomaterials. However, the understanding of the physics of oxide surfaces is just emerging. The Physics Academy made the current state of research of oxides and their surfaces accessible to students and young researchers interested in that topic. Twenty-five young researchers from five different European countries and about the same number of students from FAU attended the FAU Physics Academy: Oxides and their surfaces from March 16th - 18th, 2016 at the physics department in Erlangen. Eight tutorials lectures were presented by leading international experts covered the basic phenomena encountered in oxides and discussed experimental and theoretical methods to explore them.

At a poster session all participants had the opportunity to present own results and get information on new research. The spring school closed with tours of various physics laboratories.

The spring school was organized by funCOS members Prof. Thomas Fauster, Prof. Sabine Maier and Prof. M. Alexander Schneider of the Department of Physics. funCOS supported the event not only administratively, but also by supporting young funCOS researchers in participating in the event. (Photo: Lehrstuhl für Festkörperphysik, FAU.)

2016-01-19 funCOS Coordination meeting

2015-11-08~10 1stfunCOS International Workshop

The 1stfunCOS International Workshop was held successfully in Erlangen. Invited guest speakers and project leaders gave intensive talks about their latest results. Graduate students presented posters and had lively discussion in the poster sections. The workshop has created a great platfrom for international experts in the fields of molecular films and oxide surfaces. It also strengthened a worldwide network of groups interested in molecular films on oxide surfaces. (click here for more photos, photographer: Olaf Brummel)

2015-10-27 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Quratulain Tariq (Dr. Lytken)
  • Johannes Schneider (Prof. Diwald)
  • Fan Tu (Dr. Marbach)
  • Kristin Werner (Prof. Libuba)

2015-07-20~22 PhD workshop Plech (jointly with ICICP)

the funCOS workshop takes place from 20.-22.7.2014 in Plech. It starts with presentations about latest results and finishes with recreations of hiking and cave exploring in the beautiful 'Fränkische Schweiz'. This event is organised and run by PhD students.

2015-07-14 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Andrej Classen (Prof. Fauster)
  • Osman Baris Malcioglu (Prof. Bockstedt)
  • Sabrina Pechmann (Prof. Fink)
  • Tao Xu (Prof. Libuda)
  • Mathias Schwarz (Prof. Libuba)
  • Prof. Schneider

2015-04-21 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Manuela Killian (Prof. Schmuki)
  • Tim Sander (Prof. Maier)
  • Johannes Schneider (Prof. Diwald)
  • Baris Malcioglu (Prof. Bockstedte)

2015-02-03 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Helen Hölzel (Prof. Jux)
  • Matthias Franke (Prof. Steinrück)
  • Tao Xu (Prof. Libuda)
  • Tibor Döpper (Prof. Görling)
  • Susanne Mohr (Prof. Libuda)
  • Martin Drost (Dr. Marbach)

2014-11-04 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Pascal Ferstl (Porf. Schneider)
  • Martin Gurrath (Prof. Meyer)
  • Johannes Schneider (Prof. Diwald)
  • Susanne Mohr (Prof. Libuda)
  • Hans-Georg Steinrück (Prof. Magerl)

2014-07-08 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Quratulain Tariq (Dr. Lytken)
  • Michael Röckert (Prof. Steinrück)
  • Susanne Mohr (Prof. Libuda)
  • Rebecca Pöschel (Prof. Fauster)
  • Baris Malcioglu (Prof. Bockstedt)
  • Tim Sander (Prof. Maier)
  • Anca Mazare (Prof. Schmuki)
  • Fabian Kollhoff (Prof. Libuda)

2014-07-02~04 PhD workshop Betzenstein (jointly with ICICP)

the funCOS workshop takes place from 2.-4.7.2014 in Betzenstein at the Hotel Berghof/Gasthof Schermshöhe. It starts with presentations about latest results and finishes with a team-spirit building activity. This event is organised and run by PhD students.

2014-05-13 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Tobias Schmitt (Prof. Schneider)
  • Fabian Kollhoff (Prof. Libuda)
  • Hans-Georg Steinrück (Prof. Magerl)
  • Sabrina Pechmann (Prof. Fink)
  • Johannes Schneider (Prof. Diwald)
  • Martin Drost (Dr. Marbach)
  • Steffen Seiler (Prof. Meyer)

2014-02-18 funCOS Coordination & Evening

  • Matthias Franke (Prof. Steinrück)
  • Quratulain Tariq (Dr. Lytken)
  • Rebecca Pöschel (Prof. Fauster)
  • Tao Xu (Prof. Libuda)
  • Michael Röckert (Prof. Steinrück)
  • Sabrina Pechmann (Prof. Fink)
  • Manuela Killian (Prof. Schmuki)
  • Tibor Döpper (Prof. Görling)